Glamping Village HAJIME in Kyoto Japan

For those who love the idea of camping, but rather not put themselves through the inconveniences of not having modern amenities, glamping is the way to go. Glamping, which is the portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping”, pretty much says it all. It is essentially like camping, but with amenities.

Glamping Village HAJIME in Kyoto Japan

Speaking of glamping, Japan has just saw the opening of the country’s largest glamping ground last month. The glamping ground, Glamping Village HAJIME, is located in the Kansai/Amanohashidate area of Kyoto prefecture lets guests enjoy the great outdoor.

It has 15 buildings that spread across a vast area of 1,500 square meters (161,46 square feet, or the total area of 3 American football fields). In addition to enjoying the nearby sea, guests can enjoy the full extend of the nature like rivers, mountains and the great outdoors in general. All while without worrying about coronavirus as you and your gang will be away from other guests.

Glamping Village HAJIME in Kyoto Japan

In addition, there are hot springs and private BBQ facilities too. There are other activities too, including food farm as well as private cruise. Altogether, there are 4 types of glamping tents, namely, Cocoon, Original Safari Tent, Skydome, and Private Garden Dome. Cocoon is the first glamping tent to debut in Japan.

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All tents are air-conditioned and comes with bed with canopy. Proper utensils and cutlery are provided too the you dine at the semi-alfresco meal area. And oh, yeah, there is proper bathroom too with shampoo and stuff. Thank goodness we do not need to poo in the wild!

Basically, it is a strip down hotel in the midst of the nature, but enough amenities that would take away the inconveniences of camping.

Glamping Village HAJIME is located in Miyazu, Kyoto Prefecture. Fee is 14,800 yen (about US$140) per person. Meals are not included, though. If you want meal (obviously), that will cost you 8,000 yen (around US$75) for dinner, 1,500 yen (approx. US$14) for breakfast per person. Of course, you can bring your own cup noodles. You can learn more about Glamping Village HAJIME HERE.

Images: Glamping Village HAJIME/Nishigaki Marinetopia Resort Co., Ltd..