Here’s a fan-made Star Wars animation that will set the heart of anime-loving Star Wars fans fluttering. It is not quite fan-made per se. It is a “Fan Red-edit” by YouTube channel, Scoundrel Media.

Star Wars Cartoon Re-edited Into Anime

Scoundrel Media took The Galaxy of Adventures and injects it with anime elements like adrenaline-pumping theme song, soothing end credit song, Japanese dialogues and requisite weird Japanese commercial.

Of course, there are more to it. You know, such as the look and feel and all that. I mean, you have watch it to understand exactly how is it oh-so-anime. Overall, it was a fabulous attempt and as a fan of both anime and Star Wars, I am swoon over.

Star Wars Cartoon Re-edited Into Anime

Star Wars Anime – Season 1: Episode 1 Only Hope, as it is so named, debuted on YouTube on March 17, 2020. Can’t hardly wait for more episodes to arrive.

For the uninitiated, The Galaxy of Adventures is a micro series that retells key moments from the Star Wars franchise in short, animated form and it was developed with kids in mind. It went online on and on YouTube back in November 2018.

Go on and have a look at the anime spin. Believe me. It is pretty damn good.

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Images: YouTube (ScoundrelMedia).

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