24 Karat Golden Nintendo Wii Console

Are you are super fan of Nintendo? Are you feeling super rich? OK, not just “feel rich”, but really rich? Well, if you check all the boxes, then here’s your chance to pick up a super rare, possibly the one and only, 24-karat Golden Nintendo Wii Console.

24 Karat Golden Nintendo Wii Console

I guess we missed this news when it first appeared in the market back in 2009. Oh, wait. We weren’t around then! Never mind. Anywho, this 24-karat Golden Nintendo Wii Console was apparently part of a publicity stung for a game publisher.

It was supposed to be delivered to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It did not made it to the palace, let alone to the Queen’s hands, for reasons we never bother to read about.

24 Karat Golden Nintendo Wii Console

Fast forward to late 2010s, the console ended up in the hands of Consolevariations’ founder, Donny Fillerup, whom is now putting it up for sale on eBay.

And the asking price? An astronomical US$300,000. That’s a ‘3’ and five zeroes! And the price of house…

24 Karat Golden Nintendo Wii Console

If you are a super rich collector, it may be right up your alley. Though, it is worthy to note that the authenticity of the origin of the console was verified by, believe it or not, “the experts of consolevariations.com.”

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Hmmm. TBH, unless THQ, who supposedly commissioned the console with the intent of gifting to the head of the U.K., issue official words, we are just going to take everything with a pinch of salt.

Images: eBay (don_cv).

via Kotaku.