If you move from city to city, state to state, or even country to country often, then it is likely that you rent places and face the problem of new and unfamiliar place void of furnishing. Furnishing an empty space is no issue, as long money is no object, but the hassle is. Imagine you have to do that several times over in a span of few years. Hassle it indeed is. This is where Travelbox, a furniture-in-a-box concept designed by Austrian architect Stefan Juust, can help. Travelbox is, well, a box which contains a set of basic furnishings including a table, a chair, an elevated slate for bed with comforter and stuff, and even a bicycle.

Travelbox - Furniture-in-a-box

The box itself is used as a shipping box when you are skipping from place to place and also doubles as a bookshelves and a dresser set when it is not being used as a box. The whole idea is, when you need to move from one place to another, you can simply pack it up and ship this 7 x 4 x 1.5 feet box to wherever you are heading. At the new place, all that remains to do is to lay them out and instantly turn an empty room into an abode. Seriously, who needs to hunt for furniture? This could save you the hassle and also money since you don’t need to acquire new furniture anymore, and besides, I am sure you will feel more comfy with a familiar setup.

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Now, the good news. The Travelbox is available for your acquisition, but it can only be custom order directly from Stefan Juust through his official Facebook page. That said, we are as clueless as you about its associated price tag.

Travelbox - Furniture-in-a-box

Travelbox - Furniture-in-a-box

Travelbox - Furniture-in-a-box

via Fast Company

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