Xiaomi Under Display Selfie Camera

It looks like Oppo isn’t the only handset maker tinkering with under display selfie camera. The company show off a working prototype on June 3 and shortly after, Xiaomi also posted a device with under display camera on its Twitter account. Xiaomi’s sneak peek of this exciting development one up Oppo’s “first look” where it only shows a partial view of the device.

In the tweet, a user can be seen comparing two phones, a device with under display camera and a teardrop notch device, side-by-side. With both devices on her hands, the user turn the devices side to side to show that the front facing camera on both devices (the under display camera is barely visible, but you can see it is there). The user then proceeds to swipe through the UI to demonstrate the fluidity before firing up the selfie camera to snap an image of herself.

Xiaomi Under Display Selfie Camera

We can’t really determine the quality as the Twitter video was kind of grainy to begin with. However, with the surrounding as a gauge, I’d say the quality of the selfie was pretty decent. In a post on Weibo, Xiaomi claims the under display camera uses its proprietary technology in which the front camera area has a transparent display with low reflection and high light transmittance.

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It further adds that its under display camera technology allows for implementation of 20 MP snapper with 5P lens buried under the panel with the panel itself double as the camera’s lens. So, it was transparent display after all which makes me wonder if the display of that particular area will have a saturation discrepancy with the rest of the display. We can’t wait to see this tech make it into the market soon so that we can lay the bullshit notch design to rest.

No words on on which device will get this tech first.

Images: Twitter (@Xiaomi).

Source: GSMArena.