See-through gadgets are not only super geeky but they can be pretty darn stylish too – as proven by Nothing, Sharge, NYXI, and now, Zens with its Liberty Wireless Charger Glass.

Zens Liberty Wireless Charger Glass

The Zens Liberty Wireless Charger Glass is a large wireless charging pad that has a top clear glass that offers a glorious view of the 16 overlapping charging coils within.

That’s right. This little guy has not one, not two, not three but a whopping 16 coils. With so many coils, Liberty Wireless Charger Glass it takes the guesswork out of placement. No more wondering if you have hit the ‘sweet spot’ or not.

While you probably do not need to see where the coils are, the top clear glass provides quite a visual spectacle and oozes stylishness too.

Zens Liberty Wireless Charger Glass

The device has a maximum output of 30 W (2x 15 W) with Apple and Samsung Fast Charge. It supports wireless charging of two devices simultaneously and has a built-in USB-A port to charge a third device.

It can be combined with Zens Apple Watch USB-stick to realize recharging your Apple Watch in sleep mode (and making the entire device look even cooler, IMHO).

In case you are wondering, the body of the charging pad is made of aluminum and it is a Qi-certified wireless charging pad that will work with devices that support Qi wireless charging standards.

Zens Liberty Wireless Charger Glass

But being cool comes with a hefty price. The Zens Liberty Wireless Charger Glass will set you back at US$199.99. Perhaps with a couple of months of instant noodles, I could save enough to buy one.

Zens Liberty Wireless Charger Glass

Images: Zens.

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