You heard there is going to be a Pixel Watch and it came true. You heard there’s going to be a new Pixel Tablet, Google let you have a sneak. Now, prominent tech leaker Front Page Tech has rendered the rumored folding Pixel phone based on leaks from a reliable source. It even has a name and well, it is called Pixel Fold. Duh.

Google Pixel Fold Rendered Based on Leaks

There have been reports saying that the Pixel Fold will be closer to Oppo Find N than those adopted by Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi. If the render based on the leak were to believe, it certainly appears that it is the case.

The render shows that Google’s first folding phone will have a variation of the visor camera module on the back. While not full bar like on the Pixel 6/7 series devices, the concept remains the same as it stretches almost the entire width of the device. Then there is the usual polished metal frame commonly found on the Pro devices, along with glass.

Google Pixel Fold Rendered Based on Leaks

Strangely though it has three sets of cameras. The main camera looks like the current Pixel 7 Pro setup with unknown lenses and sensors, a 9.5 MP hole punch camera on the full external screen, and another 9.5 MP camera on the inside. The screen sizes are not known but the inside display has quite a noticeable forehead and chin. The former is where the camera is housed in, offset to the right.

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Beyond those, I don’t know what the actual specs are. But the key here is to have a so-called first look at the device which will supposedly arrive next May 2023. And oh, there is a price too: The Google Pixel Fold is going to cost a whopping US$1,799 when it becomes available.

Google Pixel Fold Rendered Based on Leaks

All images courtesy of Front Page Tech.

Front Page Tech via 9to5Google.

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