Nothing phone (1) Officially Launched With Pricing

After a year and a half, Carl Pei’s Nothing phone (1) is finally a reality. It is now something you and I can buy. I have been complaining about how stale the designs of the smartphone have gotten. Well, one company finally stood up and decided to make the change.

Nothing phone (1) Officially Launched With Pricing

We are rushing for a mid-day newsletter and so, we are not going to go through the whole fairly tale of the phone. All you have to know is that it is nothing like the phones on the market.

It has the Gylphy Interface, which is the light gimmick on the back of the phone, that can be programmed to be synced with the specially composed Nothing’s ring tones.

Instead of going for today’s standard 3 or 4 cameras set up, phone (1) has just two and both are renowned sensors. Both are 50 MP and one sensor is from Sony while the other is from Samsung.

It runs on Nothing OS, which offers a near-pure Android OS experience without bloatware.

Nothing phone (1) Officially Launched With Pricing

Fronting the device is a 6.55-inch flexible OLED display with a 60-120 Hz adaptive refresh rate and under the hood, it has got Qualcomm’s mid-range chip, Snapdragon 778G+.

There are three configurations to choose from, namely, 8+128, 8+256, and 12+256. It is available to order in the U.K., and in a choice of black or white. Oh, there is something that you need to know.

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While it has a pretty affordable starting price of £399, the phone is without a case or charging brick. If you want the Nothing 45W charging brick, it will cost you another 35 quid. Thankfully, it does come with a USB-C cable.

Nothing phone (1) Officially Launched With Pricing

Here are three ways you can buy the phone according to Nothing:

  • Our London Kiosk, from 16 July. It’s back. Our mobile retail space is the very first place anybody can see, hold and walk away with Phone (1). Limited quantities per day, for five days. 
  • Limited partner drops, from 18 July. We’re very excited to once again partner with some of the most progressive fashion and design names. Available both online and in-store. 
  • Open sales, from 21 July. The big day. Phone (1) will be officially available on and partner operators.

You can check out this official news release for the location in your country of residence.

Images: Nothing.