We briefly mentioned the Red Magic x Transformers TWS Earbuds when we wrote about the Red Magic x Transformers 7 Series smartphones. And here we are today with a little bit more info.

Red Magic x Transformers TWS Earbuds

I don’t believe this set is based on an existing pair of TWS. As far as we know, it appears to be designed for this collab between Red Magic and Hasbro. Anyhoo, as far as features go, the pair is gaming-centric.

Red Magic x Transformers TWS features an Esports-grade gaming mode, a Bluetooth 5.0 PixArt low latency chip, and an 8 mm dynamic speaker that promised a stereo surround, allowing users to determine position through audio which is super important, especially in first-person shooter games.

Red Magic x Transformers TWS Earbuds

Other highlights include a “smart cover link” that automatically connects the earbuds when the charging case cover is open, a touch surface for music control and for managing calls, and up to 24 hours of battery life (earbuds: 4 hours + charging case: 20 hours).

It is worthy to note that either earbud can be used on its own if you so desire. Rounding up the package is a cyberpunk aesthetic.

Red Magic x Transformers TWS Earbuds

And all these for just 299 RMB, which works out to be around 45 American dollars based on today’s going rate.

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Images: Nubia [CH].

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