An artist or art appreciator/collector hung art on the wall. Meanwhile, a tech enthusiast hangs gadgets of significance on the wall. Well, maybe not in one piece though. Perhaps in its disassembled form such as the Disassembled Tech Framed Art by XreArt.

Disassembled Tech Framed Art by XreArt

I am sure you have seen gadgets displayed with their key components. The Disassembled Tech Framed Art by XreArt is exactly that. Surely, XreArt isn’t the first, and neither it is the only one in the market doing it. But what XreArt offers is the promise of superior quality with the use of real wood and tempered glass, and the option to go the DIY route.

In addition to the readymade series featuring popular mobile phones, consoles, and more, the DIY series offers a wide range of frames with templates for you to tear down your old gadget and framed the key components. It is like a crochet for tech enthusiasts.

Disassembled Tech Framed Art by XreArt

I believe XreArt is one of the few (or maybe even the only one) offering DIY kit options. Currently, there are three types of DIY kits: XreArt DIY Combo iPhone Series, XreArt DIY Tool KLits Game Console Series, and XreArt DIY Tool Kits Mobile Phone Series.

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The latter two does not come with the gadget while the former comes with a choice of old iPhone models with model battery. With each DIY kit, there is a variety of handheld consoles and mobile phones to choose from.

As far as a DIY kit goes, it comes with everything you need to disassemble the gadget and adhere the components to the paper template. And then there is of course the frame with tempered glass.

Disassembled Tech Framed Art by XreArt

If you ask me, the DIY version is the perfect gift a tech head can make for another tech head. You know, it’s like knitting a sweater for someone you love or appreciate but in this instance, you go all out JerryRigEverything for the person and present him or her with a piece of the tech history.

It couldn’t be more meaningful, IMHO. But of course, you are free to choose readymade examples which include the iconic original iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S, the classic iPod Touch, Game Boy, Nokia E71, and more.

Prices range from US$139-US$169 for the XreART DIY and from US$139-US$399 for the readymade examples.

All images courtesy of XreArt.

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