Unofficial iPhone Folding Phone by KJMX

Since the day Apple filed a patent for a folding display, it has stirred up the imaginations of tech enthusiasts. Thanks to folks like Roy Gilsing, we need not imagine what a folding phone from Apple may look like. But what if, just what if, Apple decided to go the flip route? Well, that, ladies and gentlemen, need no imagination either because, believe it or not, someone has made their very own iPhone Folding Phone.

Unofficial iPhone Folding Phone by KJMX
And yes, it can totally charge but there’s no wireless charging anymore.

The modders, collectively known as 科技美学 or KJMX or The Aesthetics of Science and Technology, refer to their creation as iPhone V. It took about a year and a shit load of money to create a functional folding iPhone out of some original iPhone components, iPhone X screen, Motorola Razr folding mechanism, and 3D printed parts.

The process was an engineering challenge made to work with a limited budget but the folks did it and even introduced an iOS jailbreak to allow split functionality when half-folded.

Unofficial iPhone Folding Phone by KJMX
Looks nice from the front. But there is a ginormous gap between the screen and the phone.

Obviously, the end product is less than elegant (one of the creators said himself in the video too) but at least we get to, see in the flesh, how a flip-style folding iPhone would look and function.

Also, some features have to be sacrificed in order to fit everything into two the now two sections of the phone. The unofficial iPhone folding phone has just one speaker, lacks wireless charging, and has a ridiculously tiny battery (1,000 mAh). And obviously, it is no longer dustproof, let alone waterproof.

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Mod (if you can still call it mod) of such nature does not actually show us what a folding iPhone would look like but it does indeed lets us understand the challenges faced by smartphone makers when developing a folding screen device. You can watch the entire video below. Non-Chinese speakers will need to turn on the close caption under the video.

Images: YouTube (科技美学).

via Hackaday.