Haven Smart Home Lock

traditional dead bolt is as good as dead. why else do you think we have home alarm? because most people didn’t think their doors would hold out intruders, especially with so many “free tips” on how to pick a lock circulating on the Internet. what you need is a lock that can’t be picked. a lock like the Haven Smart Lock. what makes Haven so special is, it breaks the norm of lock design by having it bolted to the strongest part of your house: the floor, and it has no lock to be picked. the concept of Haven is somewhat like jamming a chair to a door handle or pushing furniture against the door to prevent entry. obviously, picking of lock won’t get you in those situations and it is also obvious that you won’t jam the door outside of Hollywood movies and you most certainly can’t do it when you leave your house. this is where Haven comes in.

Haven Smart Home Lock

it is a smart lock, operable with your smartphone through a dedicate app or a specialized key fob. when activated, Haven deploys and act as a strong wedge stopping the door from being open. it is as simple as that. basically, Haven is a long wedge that runs the length of the width of your door and is a smart one at that. made from steel, glass reinforced nylon and aluminum, this low profile floor mounted security device also boast WiFi, Bluetooth and an accelerometer that works to send alerts if someone attempts to force their way in. additionally, it can be configured to work with other home automation gadgets such as smart lightings and stuff, so it could, say for example, turn on all the lights if attempted intrusion is detected.

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and like most smart locks, it also allow for digital key sharing, letting you set permissions to activate and expire as you see fits. so just how strong is this modern day iteration of this stop-the-zombie-by-jamming-the-door gadget? well, on a particular video, the Haven was seriously battered by kicking, ramming and even bashed by an axe, and so yeah, it is pretty damn strong. the only thing left standing between the intruder and your cosy home is, a strong door and oh yeah, the windows. if you think Haven Smart Home Lock can add a little peace of mind, then head on to Haven’s Kickstarter campaign and back it up. a pledge of $299 will score yourself a set of Haven – if the campaign reaches its set funding goal of $150,000 in the next 29 days. do note that not all homes are designed with a raised ledge under the door, which might be problem for Haven.

Kickstarter via Digital Trends