Here’s a piece of furniture that will tickle the fancy of folks who are old enough to remember. This is a Cassette Tape Coffee Table from Singapore’s furniture maker and retailer Wihardja.

Cassette Tape Coffee Table from Wihardja

I know. Cassette Tape Coffee Table is not the newest news. You should be able to find a bunch on Etsy, including one in a cut-out-yourself kit form. So, I guess Cassette Tape Coffee Table from Wihardja is just another.

What makes this example from Wihardja stands out is, it is both practical and “object-accurate” at the same time. It has all the details, right down to the tape reels complete with the teeth.

Since a tape’s surface is not completely flat for the purpose of a coffee table, the Cassette Tape Coffee Table from Wihardja had a raised glass tabletop. However, it’d have to sacrifice the super cool cupholders/penholders feature as some iterations had.

Cassette Tape Coffee Table from Wihardja

As a consolation, though, there’s no risk of anything toppling over due to those holes.

In short, you get to utilize the entire surface while still being able to admire the oversized cassette tape. Though, I am not sure if this particular version is proportional to the actual tape. It does look a bit thicker than it should.

Anywho, the glass is tempered glass for safety reasons, and finally, the table features a hidden storage drawer for stowing items like remotes and whatnot.

Cassette Tape Coffee Table from Wihardja

If anyone’s interested, the Cassette Tape Coffee Table from Wihardja can be had for 499 Singapore dollars (or about US$370). However, we are not sure if these guys do ship internationally.

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Images: Wihardja.

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