Pl8ty Is An 80s Walkman Style Bluetooth Speaker In Which Your Smartphone Is The “Cassette Tape”

Last year, Sony disappoints us with a 40th anniversary Walkman that does not even look like the portable music player that started it all. But fret not, my nostalgic bug-bitten friends because, the Pl8ty Portable Bluetooth Speaker will have you covered.

Mixxtape Is A MP3 Player Masquerading As The Good’ol Cassette Tape

When Sony unveiled the 40th anniversary Walkman, we thought it was kind of lame. It did not actually pay homage to the device that started it all. Meanwhile, a startup did what Sony did not do. It is still not a cassette tape-playing Walkman, but it at least it is an actual cassette tape.

Sony Unveiled 40th Anniversary Walkman That Sadly, It Does Not Play Cassette Tapes

Sony was the undisputed kind of personal cassette tape player which it trademarked as “Walkman.” Walkman was pretty much synonymous with personal audio player and so it is only right for the Japanese electronics giant to dish out a Walkman to mark the Walkman’s 40th anniversary.

Someone Is Bringing Back Cassette Tape Player And It Looks Totally Rad

People, start digging out your collection of ancient cassette tapes from your closet or attic (or self serve store), because a new age cassette player maybe coming your way. Well, that’s if Lithuanian audiovisual art duo, BrainMonk, have their way with Elbow, the next-generation portable cassette player. We are not sure if Star-Lord love for …

Someone Turned An 80s Fisher Price Cassette Player Into A Boombox

Turning luggage into boombox aren’t new, but turning a toy-ish vintage cassette tape player into a Bluetooth speaker? Well, that’s refreshing. The Fisher-Price Bluetooth Boombox Stereo Vintage Tape Cassette Player is exactly that. It is the handiwork of Etsy seller HiFiLuggage who have convert a 1980s Fisher Price Cassette Player into a fit-for-modern-day Bluetooth speaker …

Edible Mixed Tape Is Probably The Best And Coolest Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

Valentine’s Day is viewed by some as a business conspiracy to reap more money from consumers. You don’t need to look far to believe that this conspiracy theory may hold some truth. Just look at the bouquets’ price hikes. They are beyond horrendous. Perhaps, it (the price hike) is a way to make up for …

The MakerBot Mixtape

long before the digital music revolution, we have mixtape which we curate our favorite tunes from various sources, including other tapes, vinyls and even the radio, and compiled them into a cassette tape. it was a long, tedious process that involves an audio system that has a double deck cassette tape player and lots of button pushing. digitizing…