When Sony unveiled the 40th anniversary Walkman, we thought it was kind of lame. It did not actually pay homage to the device that started it all. Meanwhile, a startup did what Sony did not do. It is still not a cassette tape-playing Walkman, but it at least it is an actual cassette tape.

A cassette, what? Yes. THE cassette tape, albeit a modernized one. Meet the Mixxtape from Mixxim. Mixxtape (not a typo, btw) is a digital music player, AKA MP3 player, that plays MP3s, FLAC, iTunes and other hi-fi audio files.

Mixxim Mixxtape Cassette Tape MP3 Player

However, it is NOT merely a MP3 player with a nostalgic aesthetic; it actually plays in a tape deck. Like, for real. Like a MP3 player proper, it gets onboard storage which, in this case, it has 8 GB worth of digital space, plus support for memory cards up to 256 GB if you ever needed more storage.

At a glance, Mixxtape does indeed look like a regular cassette. However, if you observe it closely, it actually has an OLED display with touch navigation to boot. There is a 3.5 mm headphone jack so you can dust off your good’ol skinny on-ear headphone and use it to enjoy the tunes.

If you prefer to use modern wireless headphones or wireless speakers, the built-in Bluetooth connectivity will have you covered.

Finally, it has a 300 mAh rechargeable battery good for up to 5 hours of playback.

There’s a catch here though. While it does slot into a cassette tape deck, it will only “plays as a cassette” in tape decks that do not have tape movement sensors. I guess, the internals does not roll like the nostalgic tech, so put away your pencil.

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If you down, you can pick up the Mixxim Mixxtape Cassette Tape MP3 Player on Mixxim website for $100 a pop.

Images: Mixxim.

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