If you are having trouble getting a good night sleep all the time like me and prefer not to pop pills, then you may want to take look at the this new wearable sleeping aid called Modius SLEEP.

Modius SLEEP Sleeping Aid

From Neurovalens, a health tech company in the field of developing neuroscience-powered products, Modius SLEEP is a non invasive and drug-free sleeping aid that you wear for 30 minutes before you hit the sack.

Here’s how it works:

“Modius SLEEP works by sending a safe electrical pulse from the vestibular nerve (behind your ear) directly into the area of the brain known as the hypothalamus. This specific signal stimulates the key neurons in the brain located in the sleep centre to positively influence your circadian rhythm and sleep patterns.”

Modius SLEEP Sleeping Aid

By using Modius SLEEP for 30 minutes each day before sleep, it promised to get you into la la land quicker and stay asleep longer.

It sounds good, more so given the good track record of Modius, but my question is: will it help in stopping a person from dreaming? Or do I need to fall back on the good’ol dreamcatcher?

Modius SLEEP Sleeping Aid

Anywho, if you are sold, you can secure the Modius SLEEP sleeping aid by pre-ordering it on Indiegogo for $249. That, btw, is 50 percent discount on its eventual retail price ($499).

Modius SLEEP is on Flexible Goal which means, it is a pre-sale. But do note that it won’t be delivered until March 2020.

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All images courtesy of Neurovalens.

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