With HDMI eARC or enhanced Audio Return Channel, it reduces the number of cables to just one when connecting a soundbar to the TV while letting you enjoy the wholesome audio as offered up by Dolby Atmos surround sound technology.

2022 Samsung Sounders with Wireless Dolby Atmos

But that is going to change in 2022 because Samsung has recently revealed that its new 2022 Samsung QLED TV, starting with model QN80B) and the new 2022 Samsung soundbar can connect with each other over WiFi. You may be thinking. What’s the big deal because already, there are soundbars that function through Bluetooth connectivity.

Well, the thing is, when paired with the right Samsung TV, the 2022 Samsung bar will let you enjoy wireless Dolby Atmos. In short, there would be just one cable left to deal and that’s the power cable.

Leading the new 2022 Samsung soundbar with wireless Dolby Atmos capability is the flagship HW-Q990B which is an 11.1.4 channel Dolby Atmos/DTS:X soundbar with upward-firing and side-firing speakers on both the soundbar and surround speakers.

We heard the HW-Q990B also has a redesigned sub too. Anyways, this is something to look out for in 2022 for cable haters. As for the availability and pricing, they are not known at this point.

Images: Samsung.

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