Changing the batteries of the TV remote is barely an inconvenience. Because a set of batteries usually work for years before they need replacing. Though it is not clear if it is true for remotes with rechargeable batteries. But as far as the remote that will come with select 2022 Samsung QLED TVs goes, it may not require charging at all.

2022 Samsung QLED TV Self-charging Remote

Called Samsung Eco Remote 2022, it combines solar charging and RF harvesting to keep the remote’s battery juiced. The latter works by turning radio waves, such as those emitted by the WiFi router, into energy. There is the option to recharge the remote using the more ancient but quicker method via USB-C.

Remotes with rechargeable batteries are still not commonplace and so that makes remote controls one hell of a contributor to non-rechargeable batteries disposal. Samsung said that with the 2022 Samsung Eco Remote, it could stop up to 99 million batteries from going to the landfill over just seven years.

It is worth noting that the 2022 Samsung Eco Remote is the second generation. The first generation was introduced with last year’s Samsung TVs but the first-gen had only solar power which would mean packing juice at a slower rate and hence, the odds of it needing to be charged via the traditional method is higher.

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That said, Samsung did not say exactly how long the battery would last without resorting to the USB-C route.

Anyways, we dig the idea and hope that more low-power devices have this feature so we can stop ditching batteries. And no, I won’t use rechargeable cells. I have tried but they are such a nuisance to deal with. It is like recharging a phone but with the extra steps of loading each cell into the charging receptacle. Very, very inconvenient.

Images: Samsung.

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