add a little Star Wars spice to your car, or if you prefer, fantasize that your Prius is the X-Wing fighter with your trusty R2-D2 in tow with this cute R2-D2 USB Car Charger from ThinkGeek. either way, this R2-D2 won’t be beeping and blooping dangers to you or help in repairing your ride, but instead, plug it into the 12V cigarette lighter socket and it instantly becomes a useful charging station for up to tablets or smartphones or basically anything that charges via USB. well, that’s about what it does – letting 2.1A of power flows through its two USB ports. actually it does have other tricks up its dome; the dome rotates and lights up, and he (R2-D2 is a he, right?) whistles and beeps when your device starts to charge. however, you can also ‘force’ him to do that routine by activating the center button which switches on the power to the USB ports.

this little droid designed to sit inside the standard cup holders of your car, which usually happens to be just under the center console and before the stick shifter/auto shifter. this little droid has adjustable arms, allowing it to good fit even you have supersize cupholders. the LED light aka R2’s ‘eye’ also serves as the power status indicator. the R2-D2 USB Car Charger is an officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise, created and exclusive to everyone’s favorite geek store, ThinkGeek and is available in exchange for $50 of your hard-earned dough. check out a ThinkGeek-infused humor product video after the break to see R2-D2 doing its think. note: product does not include X-Wing fighter pilot suit.

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