You know how some apartments or homes are designed to have a car parked inside the living? Well, clearly, Instagram user Jalilsup’s home isn’t one of them, but that did not stop him from rolling in his precious E30 BMW M3 into the house as Hurricane Matthew approaches. What he did leaves the Internet with mixed feelings. Some said he was silly not to drive away to keep himself and the car safe, while others simply baffled by the love he had for his car. Whatever it was, it was his choice and also, it helps if he happen to have a double door instead of those puny single door. Even then, Jalilsup’s prized car only marginally made into the home.

E30 BMW M3 In Living Room
Looks kind of nice. If only he had a larger living area…

At least he did not need to remove the side mirrors to slip through. It also helps that his M3 isn’t a recent generation models cos’ those will definitely not fit through those doors without some serious remodeling of the car (which is not possible, of course) and/or the house. Then again, why bother? Cos’ I am sure Hurricane Matthew will gladly do both for anyone who stands in its path. The car, as you can see, didn’t quite get very far into the house, but it managed to be in the living nonetheless, just like your dream apartment with a space reserved for a car.

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Because of Hurricane Matthew, Jalilsup gets to have breakfast with his dearest…:

#hurricanematthew #breakfast #afterthestorm

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So, who needs a garage when you have a spacious living room with large double doors access? Now, the only thing that’s left to do, in the case of a hurricane, is to make sure your house can stand up to 140 mph sustained winds. Wait. Make that 165 mph and also, make sure your home’s walls and windows can take the blow of debris hurling towards it at least 100 miles an hour. Only then, you and your car will be safe. If not, may we suggest you to take off with your car to somewhere safer.

And here’s how it was done:

Just got her out the house. #hurricanematthew #doubledoors

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Actually, the clearance wasn’t all that tight:


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You won’t believe how strong is his love for the E30:

#hurricanematthew #duringthestorm

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Images: Jalilsup.

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