Ever wish classic American muscle cars, such as the Ford Mustang, are easier on the environment? You know, like an electric vehicle? Good news is, your desire is not farfetched. There’s electric crate motor that you could, if you have the knack for technical stuff, do your own conversion. If not there’s the Charge Cars Ford Mustang Electric Vehicle ready for your taking.

Charge Cars Ford Mustang Electric Vehicle
The man and his vision.

Charge Cars, as we have learned last year, was the brainchild of ex-McLaren Head of Design Mark Roberts. Rob, whom have worked on legendary McLaren rides like the F1, P1 and the new McLaren Elva, has ditched designing fossil fuel powered automobiles in favor of electric drive.

Rob is not designing EV from the ground per se, though. He chose to re-imagine classics, such as the 60s Mustang, into an eco-friendly American muscle car.

Charge Cars Ford Mustang Electric Vehicle

The beauty of the Charge Cars Ford Mustang Electric Vehicle is, it retains the iconic design that makes a Mustang so instantly recognizable while lending it with 350 kW of peak electric power that is kept juiced by a 64 kWh battery system, good for 200 miles (322 kilometers) range.

The result of this conversion is a classic Ford Mustang that offers you 1,200 Nm (885 lb-ft!) of torque and wipes 0-60 (0-97 km/h) in under 4 seconds.

Charge Cars Ford Mustang Electric Vehicle was realized in partnership with Arrival, btw, and so, it has some pretty solid base with it.

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Charge Cars Electric Mustang was opened for reservation last June and ordered cars were supposed to be delivered starting September 2019. We are not sure if that actually materialized. Anywho, the latest words are, 499 units are opened for reservation as we speak.

However, you have be pretty well to do to be wanting the Charge Cars Electric Mustang because, each unit starts at a hefty £300,000, which works out to be around US$386,700 based on the current going rate.

All images courtesy of Charge Cars.

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