McLaren. The British sports car maker is known for its super fast coupes, but never roadsters, let alone an open cockpit one. But that changes today (or more correctly, yesterday) when it pull the wrap off the McLaren Elva.

The McLaren Elva Ultimate Series Roadster is the automaker’s first open cockpit road car and one that is decidedly un-McLaren-looking. The roadster is a homage to Bruce McLaren-designed McLaren-Elva sports car from the 60s.

McLaren Elva Ultimate Series Roadster

It is also the lightest road car from McLaren, featuring a bespoke carbon fiber chassis and Boyd, carbon fiber seats and sintered carbon ceramic brakes.

It is a true roadster. Not pretend to be. A true roadster with no roof, no windows and no windshield. But what about the assault by the wind, you ask? Well, this where Active Air Management System (AAMS) comes into play.

AAMS directs oncoming wind upwards and to the sides when at speeds, thus creating an invisible bubble of sort.

McLaren Elva Ultimate Series Roadster

Under the hood, a 815 PS (804 HP) V8 twin-turbo motor mated to a seven-speed seamless-shift gearbox. When use with the launch control function, the drivetrain is capable of rocketing from standstill to 100 km/h (62 mph) in under 3 seconds.

A few other highlights include Inconel and titanium quad exhaust, active aerodynamics, linked-hydraulic active suspension, and electro-hydraulic steering.

Only 399 examples are being offered, each with a starting price of a cool £1,425,000 including UK VAT (or approximately US$1.83 million).

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All images courtesy of McLaren.

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