Lamborghini Aventador Desk

From the folks who brought to you the Lamborghini desks and more recently, Lamborghini sofas, come the new Lamborghini Aventador Desk. As the product name implies, the desk bears the front end of the raging bull marque’s supercar, Aventador. It is not known which year of the Aventador it is modeled after, but from the looks of it, it should be based on the front end of the recent year Aventador (definitely not the latest SVJ or SVJ 63, though).

Lamborghini Aventador Desk

Little is known about this vehicle… no wait, I mean desk, but we are going out on a limb to say it is custom made from fiberglass with a myriad of color choices and with option for working lights like the sofas. Pricing is unknown, but you know how is it with these type of custom furniture; they are often “price on request” as with Design Epicentrum current line of offerings. Make sense, since you will the liberty to choose the desk configurations and possibly pick the materials too.

Lamborghini Aventador Desk

Anyways, it is a luxe furniture that is a must have for Lamborghini lovers with the disposable income. It is the next best thing one could do to show his/her love for this supercar, or the brand, other than hanging an actual supercar in the living room. Design Epicentrum just sent us these renders and last checked, the Lamborghini Aventador Desk have yet to be listed on the company’s website.

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If you are really eager, you can get in touch with the good folks over at Design Epicentrum to inquire about this, well, super desk. Remember, you hear it from us.

Images courtesy of Design Epicentrum.

Submitted via TIP US Page.