Reporter Pretends To Struggle With Wind

If you don’t already know, everything about the media, Hollywood movies, TV shows (so-called reality TV included) and the media as a whole, is about dramatization (or to put it more bluntly, they are mostly fake). The more drama it is, the better it sells, or at least that’s what show producers believe. Even news are not spared from dramatization. Case-in-point, this:

Reporter Pretends To Struggle With Wind

What you saw above is a recording of a Weather Channel reporter in Wilmington in North Carolina, U.S.A., braving the heavy winds to report on a hurricane situation. He appeared to be putting his life at risk in the name of reporting the supposed real situation on the ground. He should be applauded for his act, except for two things.

You see, as he was seen “fighting” the wind, the camera panned out only to reveal two people causally strolling in the background which means the winds may not be as strong as viewers were lead to believe, plus he wasn’t fully into his act (or he wasn’t fully aware of wind directions) because, he was leaning along the wind, instead of leaning against it.

These two things lead us to believe that he was putting up an act. The winds were no doubt a little stronger than usual, but as the two dudes in shorts proved, the reporter was exaggerating (was a stage actor previously?) and as the grass behind him clearly show, he was leaning along the wind when he supposed to do the opposite in order to, you know, not to get blown away.

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I wouldn’t call this a fake news though. It may be just dramatization at work, or the two dude could be inside the eye which should be a lot calmer. But really, the latter the odds of the latter is super slim. Anyways, catch the entire video below if you like.

Image: YouTube.

Animated GIF and source: Geekologie.