Perhaps driving a 15-ton behemoth bus may have given some bus drivers a sense of entitlement to bully other smaller road users like cyclists who are nothing more than a meat on a metal frame with wheels. To make bus drivers feel how cyclists felt when a chunk of metal sped past them in a proximity too close for comfort, Brazilian bus drivers are made to pedal stationery bikes placed at the side of the road as a bus zooms past them. Hopefully, these bus drivers will feel what it is like when a hunk of metal that weighs 30,000 pounds flies past them.

The ultimate goal here is to educate the drivers on why they should adhere to the mandatory 1.5 meters (5 feet) gap between the bus and the cyclists. Hopefully, this is also meant to educate them to pull back on the accelerator when they are passing cyclists too. The gap alone is not all. Speeding past cyclists or work-in-progress site is not a practice that should be encourage either. I think this bus driver training should be replicated the world over.

Come to think of it, I think e-scooter riders should be put through a similar lesson before picking up their super speed e-scooters. They should be made to stand on the pavement as e-scooters blast past them at 25 miles an hour. Multiple times. Pardon me for I am just as sore as cyclists who are threatened by enormous buses and trucks.

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Image: YouTube.

Source: Geekologie.

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