Tesla Solar Roof is enticing, but it is not cheap and it is permanent, which means homes in hurricane prone area will not want their roof laid with tens of thousands worth of solar panels. This is where Netherlands-based startup Supersola plug & play solar panels comes in.

Supersola Plug & Play Solar System by Studio Mango

Designed and manufactured by Dutch firm Studio Mango, Supersola Plug & Play Solar System requires absolutely zero installation. Unlike Tesla Solar Roof, or most solar panels for that matter, it requires no permanent infrastructural adjustments to the roofs, or other parts of the house.

This means, it can be deployed and re-deployed however you wish. And it also means it can be used with rental homes and in areas affected by hurricane, you can simply unplug it and stash it in the basement if there’s a hurricane alert.

Supersola Plug & Play Solar System by Studio Mango

In place of permanent anchor points, Supersola has water tanks that, when filled, serve as weights to hold the device firmly on a surface.

There are four removable water tanks with integrated handle and each can be slide out easily and filled up under a faucet. It is actually a pretty ingenious solution. When fully topped with water, the solar panel weighs in at 94.5 kilograms (208 lbs).

Supersola Plug & Play Solar System by Studio Mango
There are four such water tanks in each solar panel to weigh it down.

As for power output, the black mono-crystalline 300 watt peak solar panel can yield approximately 264 kWh per year under the Netherlands’ weather. And did we mention that Supersola is scalable? You can start with one panel and scale it up when needed. However many panels you use, it will always require just a single plug.

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Not only Supersola promised no costly installation by professionals, it is also committed to make solar energy available and accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, though, it appears that Supersola Plug & Play Solar System is only available in Netherlands at this point.

Supersola Plug & Play Solar System by Studio Mango is already selling in Netherlands, priced at €599 (about US$713) each. If anyone’s interested, you can learn more from Studio Mango website and Supersola website.

All images courtesy of Studio Mango.

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