Show your love our lovely little Blue Marble with this special edition Earth Day Solar Powered SWII Wrist Watch. Not only is this beautiful 42 mm wrist watch solar powered, it is also made from sustainable materials.

Earth Day Solar Powered SWII Wrist Watch

One Eleven celebrates 50 years of Earth Day with this commemorative watch featuring design cues inspired by the vintage pins worn at the first ever Earth Day event.

Individually numbered, the watch further boasts a vintage 1970 Earth Day celebration graphic on the commemorative case back, a yellow case molded from castor oil based bio-material, a 22 mm navy and white rPet strap with a quote from the very first Earth Day celebration in 1970 (and a lovely tab) and vintage Earth Day emblem patch.

Earth Day Solar Powered SWII Wrist Watch

The movement is solar powered, thus allowing the watch to be continually charged under both natural and artificial lighting. When fully charged, the battery could last up to 4 to 6 months.

Consummating the package are a hardened mineral crystal lens and water resistance to 5 ATM (50 meters or about 164 feet).

Earth Day Solar Powered SWII Wrist Watch

Each watch comes packaged in a sustainable packaging made from 100 percent recycled paper with graphics printed using non-toxic inks.

Best of all, 1 percent of the sale will be donated to select environmental non-profit organization. Get it on One Eleven for just $75.

Man, just look at the watch. It is a beautiful timepiece, isn’t it?

Earth Day Solar Powered SWII Wrist Watch
Earth Day Solar Powered SWII Wrist Watch

Images: One Eleven.

Hat tip: Gear Patrol.

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