No superheroes’ parents are more famous than Batman’s. Funny how this is true even as Mr. and Mrs. Wayne died in the very beginning of the original story. I guess their death is important as it served as a motivation to young Wayne to come Batman.

Batman’s Parents Action Figures by Death by Toys

Since Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne are famous parents, they surely deserve to be immortalized as action figures. Not just any action figure, though. It had to be based on the scene where they got murdered by a mugger.

Obviously, DC Comics won’t give fans that, but custom toy maker, Death by Toys did. He has created a set – complete with card and blister pack – aptly called Batman’s Parents Action Figures.

Batman’s Parents Action Figures is a two-pack set featuring Bat’s parents in facing down, in their death position, and bathed in their own blood after being murdered in the dark alley.

Death by Toys made each toy bay hand and each set comes with a Death Certificate of Authenticity (LoL!).

Unfortunately, at the time of this post, Batman’s Parents Action Figures is listed as “sold out”. Ugh. Bummer.

Anywho, in case anyone’s curious to know, the two-pack was sold for US$150. If you are interested in toys that will put a smile on your face, be sure to check out Death by Toys online store for fun custom toys.

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Images: Death by Toys.

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