Godzilla Sculpture Made From Discarded Tires

You have seen Godzilla model made entirely out of cardboard and you may have seen the 7-meter tall rice straw Gojira. Now meet 2-meter tall Godzilla made from discarded automobile tires.

Godzilla Sculpture Made From Discarded Tires

Created by Hebei native Cao Shengge, who is known by his YouTube handle, TireMan, this “Tire Godzilla” uses mostly rejected tires from tire making factory. It took TireMan 30 days to complete.

Well, what can we say? The texture of tires and the King of the Monsters’ skin texture are a match made in heaven. Just look at the result. It’s hard not to be impressed. Though I can imagine this Godzilla must have reek with rubber aroma.

Godzilla Sculpture Made From Discarded Tires

It is worthy to note that the sculpture is not entire made out of tire. It has a supporting structure which was painstakingly welded together by Cao himself.

In addition to Godzilla, Cao also created a similar height King Kong to recreate the Godzilla vs Kong scene.

Godzilla Sculpture Made From Discarded Tires

According to a report, the TireMan has since donated the sculptures. It is not clear how much did the sculptures cost Cao. However, apparently, it took 40 days to complete the setup and used 1,000+ tires.

We did find the video of Cao making the Kong sculpture, but the man has posted a video of the build process of the Godzilla tire sculpture on his YouTube channel which you can find below.

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Images: YouTube (漩涡视频/TireMan Cao Shengge).

Additional info: Sina [CH].