Customization is not associated with camera, analog or otherwise. However, with the new Chroma Modular Medium Format Film Camera, customization is precisely the name of the game. The new system from Chroma Camera, called 679 System, allows you to build your own camera to suit your taste and needs.

Chroma Modular Medium Format Film Camera

There are four major components: acrylic lens board, thread aluminum lens board, printed mid-body, and printed film body.

The four components come together with physical interlock, reinforced by strong neodymium magnets found in each section. As a boon, Chroma Modular Medium Format Film Camera is not limited to the said components.

The company also offer optional accessories that clip onto the integrated mounting points on each side of the camera, for further customization. The accessories include full grip, dual cold shoe plate, tripod mount, and 0.4 mm pinhole lens board.

Chroma Modular Medium Format Film Camera

The fact that film backs from different manufacturers can be used, and swapped around quickly, on a single camera system should be a big enough of a draw for analog photography enthusiasts.

The Chroma Modular Medium Format Film Camera should be a fun camera for both amateurs and pros alike. Even better, the individual components are relatively affordable, with the some modular parts starting at around 20 bucks. The priciest of them, the helicoid front plate, cost just US$60.

If you are down, you can learn more and buy this new exciting offering from Chroma Camera 679 System product page.

Chroma Modular Medium Format Film Camera

Images: Chroma Camera.

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Source: PetaPixel.

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