there are too many small items like EDC that makes organization an impossibility and so the next best solution is to stash them all away for an appeared clutter-free look, or at least that is what the Balka Console by Gregoire de Lafforest proposed. the rationale is, we tend leave things around on the table and what if this table can swallow up those things anytime you choose to and thereby presenting you with a clean, uncluttered table top? sitting atop a set of skinny pointed legs is a sculptured oak top with a built-in ‘chute’ that allows every day small items such as keys, flashlight, loyalty cards or whatever to slide into a flexible yellow bag that looks much like a pelican’s beak. end result is an odd protrusion under one side of the table that holds all your junks that you still want but not sure where to place them.

Balka Console Offers A Cure For Small Clutters

of course, your items are still there, which you can still retrieve when you need them – just pry the yellow thingy down and start scavenging for them. there is a trade off though; the chute kind of ‘eats’ away some usable real estate of the table top, leaving only both ends for real use. basically, the Balka Console is a new age take of a table with a drawer and we are pretty sure the design goes by the mantra of ‘out of sight, out of mind’, which we are not quite sure if it is a good thing. so i am guessing this is not something for a full-blown neat freaks, but it should have the ‘middlers’ who want something other than the boring old drawer and table combos covered. information with regard to pricing and availability are yet to be announced, but our guess is, it won’t be a ‘regular price’ item. that’s a no brainer cos’ it is, after all, a designer piece. isn’t it?

Balka Console Offers A Cure For Small CluttersBalka Console Offers A Cure For Small Clutters

Gregoire de Lafforest via Gizmodo

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