if you have kids, you probably have experience screaming in frustration at your car’s rear seat while trying to install a basic child car seat. yea. we know how it felt like and so does Volvo. traditionally, child car seat is never easy to install and when you finally did the deed, you realized that it takes up a whole lot space despite it is a seat for a very small kid. with this in mind, Volvo set out to design something that would break this undesirable tradition and even let you lug the seat around from car to car with extreme ease. simply refer to as the Inflatable Child Car Seat, this rearward facing infant throne features a strong drop-stitch fabric and at a touch of a button, an integrated pump inflates and deflates the seat in a matter of 40 seconds or less.

Inflatable Child Car Seat By Volvo

the seat weighs in at less than 5 kg or 11 pounds, which is just half of a regular child car seat, and boasts Bluetooth connectivity which the Swede car maker said offers a wide range of features, including the ability to remotely inflate the seat. this child car seat, if realized, would be an invaluable asset to parents, especially when renting or borrowing rides where usually seat for the very young is not readily available. when not in use, the deflated seat collapsed into a compact package, small enough to fit into a bag. the Inflatable Child Car Seat By Volvo would make for a perfect travel accessory, if not for the fact that there aren’t any indications that it will see the light of production. as if that wasn’t bad enough, we are going to invite you to check out a video of the seat in action which would probably make you cry out “i want one!”

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