Suck UK Sharpener Desk Tidy makes your desk looks sharp

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(credit: Suck UK) Suck UK Sharpener Desk Tidy | from £15.00 |

in the age of mechanical pencils, we almost forgot there was once a thing called pencil sharpener that sharpens our trusty pencils. let’s just say that era has gone along with the time where once Woodstock had so many hippies going gaga about and inspired so many wannabes. like the good hippie’s old Volkswagen Bus, it is worth bringing back those memory – even if it means in its non-functional form – like this giant pencil sharpener here. it won’t sharpen your oversized pencils (if you have any) or do anything remotely close it’s original product but its size allows you to organize your pens, pencils or whatever, making them looking tidy and sharp on your desk. hey, it still sharpens but in a different way.
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what’s more, the main body is crafted out from felled ‘expired’ Rubberwood which makes them eco-friendly. it is still wood but the wood used was not intentionally fall for this purpose which should ease our green-conscious a little, plus it sure to get people talking. the non-functioning ‘blade’ is of stainless steel which is resistance to rust or corrosion. the Suck UK Sharpener Desk Tidy comes in either single (£15.00 or about US$24) or the deluxe version (£25.00 or about US$40). the latter is a larger double sharpener with an extra space for your smaller stuff like paperclips. perfect for those who has more than just pens or pencils to tidy.

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