Samsung Sens Series 3 300V Laptop for the style-conscious

Samsung SENS Series 300V Laptop 544x448px
(credit: Samsung) Samsung Sens Series 3 300V Laptop | ₩1,430,000.00 |

in today’s context, mobile devices like our laptop is more than a functional piece of equipment and thus, looking good is the next on the list of ‘requirements’. understanding this, Samsung has introduced the Sens Series 3 300V laptop that’s geared towards the style-conscious young individuals. the 300V is offered in five hues that include ‘chic black’, ‘smoky silver’, ‘raspberry pink’, ‘alaska blue’ and ‘vital orange’, and instead of overwhelming the whole laptop with the offered color, the sense series 3 300V has the color on its lid and the keyboard, while the rest of laptop remains in white hue. which i thought was a pretty nice touch.
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looks aside, the 300V laptops feature a slim bezel of just 10.3-mm, thus allowing a beautiful 14-inch LED backlit HD display (non-reflective type), complimented by a hybrid graphics card that allows a choice between standard graphic or a powerful graphic processing power via NVIDIA GeForce GT520MX. at the heart of this laptop is an Intel Core i7 processor, and running along side it is a 640-GB hard drive and 4-GB of RAM. the Samsung Sens Series 3 300V4A Laptop is expected to retail for 1,430,000 Won (about US$1,331) and at this moment, it’s still a Korea-only product. we sure hope to see the Sens Series 3 300V series hitting the market worldwide soon.

Samsung SENS Series 300V Laptop 544x368px

Samsung [KR] via Akihabara News

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