If you trust the sound of Edifier and kind of tired of the uninspiring look of today’s true wireless earbuds, then you may want to take a look at EarFun Air Pro Hybrid ANC TWS Earbuds.

EarFun Air Pro Hybrid ANC TWS Earbuds

Air Pro is EarFun’s first noise-cancelling TWS earbuds that also imitate the stemmed design of Apple AirPods, but does it in a sleeker way. It does have a pole sticking out is what I am trying to say.

The Air Pro is result of a collaboration between EarFun and Edifier and promised to deliver a sound signature designed and engineered by the long-time audio equipment maker.

EarFun Air Pro Hybrid ANC TWS Earbuds

Besides the look that stood out (in a good way) in the crowd, the Air Pro got to be one of the most affordable TWS with activate noise-cancelling function. Here’s how the hybrid ANC on Air Pro works:

“Where most earbuds are still using a regular and singular ANC approach, the Air Pro’s hybrid ANC QuietSmart™ is an implementation that combines a Feedforward mic and Feedback mic on each earbud that continuously adjusts what you’re hearing. QuietSmart™uses a sophisticated algorithm that monitors and analyzes sound both inside the ear cavity and outside in your environment, allowing it to fill in missing sound frequencies. And by analyzing, we mean acoustic characteristics between the driver unit and ears are being monitored at a rate of 400 times per second. The intended result is an informed suppression of ambient noise without compromising on the resulting audio experience.”

EarFun Air Pro Hybrid ANC TWS Earbuds

Other highlights include 10 mm composite dynamic drivers, Transparency Mode for conversation without removing the earbuds, intuitive touch controls on either earbud, infra-red detection technology that automatically pauses the music when one earbud is removed from the ear, 6-microphone call technology powered by customized noise cancellation algorithm, IPX5 rated construction, Bluetooth 5.0, and a battery that is good for 9 hours of use, plus an additional 23 hours with the charging case.

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TBH, with all these premium features, I was expecting it to be over a hundred bucks. But much to my surprised, EarFun is only asking for US$79.99 for Air Pro. You may find the EarFun Air Pro Hybrid ANC TWS Earbuds selling on myearfun.com as well as on Amazon.com.

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