Here’s something that fans of big screen Iron Man may be interested. What you see here is the AutoKing Wearable Iron Man Mk5 Helmet. Make no mistake. This ain’t no Hasbro Marvel Legends series. In fact, it isn’t officially licensed at all, which is treading on a thin line.

AutoKing Wearable Iron Man Mk5 Helmet

These folks behind it, known as AutoKing Studio, is calling it as a custom helmet. Anyways, if you are a hard core fan, you probably wouldn’t care less as long as it looks and functions like the movies.

Yes. I said ‘functions’ because, it has some pretty neat tricks up its sleeves, ermm, I mean helmet. The AutoKing Wearable Iron Man Mk5 Helmet has a motorized face plate that opens and closes via the touch sensitive sides or using voice. It can accept both Chinese and English language.

AutoKing Wearable Iron Man Mk5 Helmet

The face plate can open as a piece or like in the movie, in multiple pieces in sequential steps. The latter look super cool. It also comes with a remote, allowing the opening and closing, and activation of light up effects.

Speaking of light up effects, it has light up eyes too and according to some early reviews I have watched, the wearer can still see through the helmet’s eyes, albeit it isn’t the best field of view. Yes, I know. Iron Man suit is a lie. It is a fantasy tech.

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Anyhoo, along with the motorized face plate, it also has sound effects, plus there is a so-called “combat mode” where the eyes will turn red. I don’t recall Iron Man ever had red eyes (did he???), so I am not sure where AutoKing got the idea from. But hey, the function is there if you want it.

I would imagine this grown-up toy would have caused a princely sum, but since this isn’t an officially licensed product, therefore it is a little lighter on the wallet. Well, “lighter” as reasoned by the design and features.

The price you are looking at is 1,430 RMB which is about US$222 based on today’s rate. It can be found on as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan online retailers such as

AutoKing Wearable Iron Man Mk5 Helmet

Images: AutoKing Studio via Taobao.

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