China’s tech company iFLYTEK has revealed a new kind of mouse that may make keyboard optional. Called iFLYTEK M210 Smart Voice Input Mouse, it appears to be a regular, sleek-looking mouse with scroll wheel and left and right clickers integrated into the outer shell.

iFLYTEK M210 Smart Voice Input Mouse

However, it has an additional button on the back that, when activated, will let user use voice input words instead of typing on a keyboard.

According to the company, M210 is capable of inputting 400 words per minute with an accuracy of up to 98%. In other words, it can input words as fast as a regular person can talk. OK. Maybe not for John Moschitta Jr.

It can do more than inputting Chinese language. It support a bunch of languages and even dialects, including Cantonese. Plus, it can perfectly accept Chinese language with a mix of English too. Impressive.

iFLYTEK M210 Smart Voice Input Mouse

Completing its its 3-in-1 functionally is an AI translator. The built-in translator allows the user to speak in one language and input them into a computer in a different language.

All told, this device supports 23 languages and dialects voice input and supports translation for 28 languages.

There are more. iFLYTEK M210 has voice assistant built in too, allowing you to open software, and do things like check the weather and book an air ticket using just your voice.

iFLYTEK M210 Smart Voice Input Mouse

The mouse, which is compatible with both macOS (10.13 or later) and Windows (7/8/10), further boasts dual connectivity, allowing it to be connected to the computer via Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, and a built-in battery – rechargeable via USB-C – good for 16 days of use, or 100 days standby.

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iFLYTEK M210 Smart Voice Input Mouse is currently being sold in China for a modest 179 yuan (around US$27).

Images: iFLYTEK [CH].

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