Concept Renders of Tesla Cyber Coupe

Say what you will about Tesla Cybertruck. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that many have been smitten by the geometric design. The radical design has inspired many CyberThings, ranging from laptop to RC boat to a futuristic bunker to Cyberquad and Cyberbike.

Concept Renders of Tesla Cyber Coupe

There are really many CyberStuff, but no one have imagined what if the Cybertruck crazy geometric lines were applied to, say, a car? Well, folks, applied to a car, specifically a coupe, was what transportation designer Matteo Gentile did. And I’d say he had just created a long lost son of DeLorean – if it the DeLorean had a child with the yet to exist Cybertruck.

Gentile is calling his fantasy ride the Tesla Cyber Coupe. And I honestly don’t care what he calls it because, I dig it, a lot, anyways. Somehow, Gentile’s creation has a very 80s futuristic vibe to it. Like, you know, if Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T. happens in the Tron’s universe.

Concept Renders of Tesla Cyber Coupe

Give it a lo-fi colorful background (preferably with a lot of purple in it) with some moving geometric shapes and silhouette of ridiculously tall skyscrapers, and throw in some MIDI electronica music, and you have the perfect retro-futuristic ride that fit right into Kung Fury.

I absolutely adore Matteo’s Tesla Cyber Coupe. I really do. Wait. I already said that? OK. That’s how smitten I am.

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Now, someone let Elon Musk know about this!

Images: Behance (Matteo Gentile).

Source: InsideEVs.