Paul Smith Universal Adapter: adapter with a touch of luxury

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(credit: Paul Smith) Paul Smith Universal Adapter | €145.00 |

if your life revolves around luxury designer products, then you probably already have designer light switches in your home but when you travels, shouldn’t your universal adapter should be of designer item as well? for completeness sake. lucky for you, there’s the Paul Smith universal adapter that cost a pricey €145 (about US$210 – a princely sum in the universal adapter world) to go with your luxe lifestyle. for that price, you will get the usual coverage of electrical plugs, along with two powered USB ports for your mobile gadgets charging needs. apart from that, you will also get the good look blessed by Paul Smith and a black leather case to store it when not in use. the latter being an essential item to protect your investment and looking stylist when you travel. you got to admit that universal adapter never look so luxurious before. hit past the jump and check out a few more views to judge for yourself.
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