Here’s Leica And Paul Smith Collaboration: The Leica CL Paul Smith Edition Digital Camera

Black with a hint of red is kind of a Leica thing, but occasionally, dashes of colors never hurt. That has proven by Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith 7 years ago. Fast forward to 2019, there is another.

Paul Smith Touched 65’ Porsche 911 Is Possibly The Coolest 65’ 911 Can Gets

What you see here is a no ordinary 1965 Porsche 911. It bears the iconic mark of British fashion figure Paul Smith. It has a body color that of the famous “artist stripe” familiar to fans of Paul Smith. The result pretty much speaks for itself. A classic suddenly has a different lease of life. […]

Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith

even though we are huge fan of retro-styled digital cameras, still there are times where we feel that they could use a little colors, you know, to go with our colorful lifestyles. this is where the Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith will fit that bill perfectly, much to our wallets’ disagreement. anyway, the Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith is a distinctively hued special edition of the…

designer saddle for your bicycle from Kashimax for Paul Smith

i don’t know Paul Smith personally, hence a collaboration between the British designer with Japan’s specialist bicycle saddle maker, Kashimax came as a surprise to me. the result is this…