getting the soccer fever already? then i bet you are practicing day and night, and in between the live telecasts in hope that one day you will have your shot on the world stage. before you can actually get there, you need to be discovered. and before you can get noticed, you will need to have the skills and that would mean you will need a proper coach, or you could skip past the rouge and/or pricey coach and self-train with the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball. using Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth Low Energy), this sensors-loaded soccer ball connects to your smartphone and together with a companion app, lets you in on the crucial ball-handling information that only a ball knows best. heck, your coach won’t even know how hard or where your foot lands on the ball, which makes the ball the worthy as a coach and it won’t nag at you or spit in your face, calling you a ‘lady’.

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball

it offers a myriad of data that previously real coach could only dream of, including strength of the kick, the flight trajectories and even detail the ball spin and the impact points – all accessible from the miCoach Smart Ball app. ok, maybe you still need a real coach who can digest these information and from there, help you improve your techniques. the app also features a dedicated training section that focus on improving your skills and finally graduating to more advanced techniques. there is also a challenge yourself section that pits you to better your scores in speed, bend around and even get you to replicate pro level free kicks. of course, datas can be saved for performance monitoring.

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Adidas miCoach Smart Ball

the smart ball looks like any regular soccer ball and apart from the sensors, it is also rigged with wireless charging capabilities that allows it to be recharged just by placing the ball on the included charging dock. the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball is available now from Adidas web store, Apple retail stores, as well as Apple Online Store for $299 a pop.

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball image 4

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