It Is Not A Big Deal Promoting Android Phones With An iPhone. Maybe?

When I saw this ‘news’, I immediately knew I have to say something. The ‘news’ was how YouTube gadget reviewer Marques Brownlee (AKAMKBHD) ‘exposed’ Indian celebrity Anushka Sharma promoting Google Pixel on Twitter and seemingly posted it to the micro blogging platform with an iPhone. Are you surprise? Of course – if you are NOT […]

Twitter’s New #Stickers Is The Visual Version Of The Good’ol Hashtag

You know how Facebook lets you add ‘stickers’ on your uploaded photos? Well, now Twitter has it too, but there’s a particularly useful ’twist’ to it. Dubbed #Stickers, it allows you to ‘stick’ stuff like emojis, props and ‘accessories’ anywhere on the photos, but that’s where the similarity with Facebook’s stops. Tweeted image that has […]

Haute Couture Twitter Dress by CuteCircuit

how do know you are hardcore Twitter addict? for ladies, one the signs is, finding yourself desperately scouring the net in an attempt to buy this Haute Couture Twitter Dress by CuteCircuit as seen here worn by this beautiful ex-Pussycat doll member Nicole Scherzinger. the dress, an evening gown, is made of…