NERF Nail Gun-inspired Blaster

NERF blasters inspired by actual or fictional weapons are a dime a dozen, but a NERF blaster inspired by a nail gun, most infamous for the portrayal as a deadly hand tool in movies? Well, you know what? Hasbro has that covered too. Meet the NERF Zombie Strike Survival System Nailbiter Blaster, a NERF blaster inspired by a nail gun.

NERF Nail Gun-inspired Blaster

But why a nail gun? I don’t know. Perhaps so you could play out the scene in Final Destination without actually maiming or killing anyone, or you could just use it to fend of pretend zombies? It needs no priming and so, it can put down the foam darts downrange in double quick time. All you have to do is to load the foam dart into the vertical indexing clip (just like the real-deal!) and you are all set.

NERF Nail Gun-inspired Blaster

The blasters 8-dart clip automatically indexes to the next dart and stays attached to the blaster when it is empty. However, unlike actual nail gun, this one has provision for attaching a stock and barrel extension. There’s even a tactical rail because, zombies.

You can find the Hasbro NERF Zombie Strike Survival System Nailbiter Blaster on Amazon, going at 15 percent off for $16.99 (originally $19.99). Package includes the blaster, 8 Zombie Strike darts. Skip ahead for the product promo video.

Images: Hasbro.

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Source: The Awesomer.