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Exhale Fan Bladeless Ceiling Fan
Exhale Fan | from US$250.00 | exhalefans.com

ceiling fans while welcomed during hot summer days, do instill some fear of decapitation in some of us and not to mention some homes with lower ceilings adds to this gruesome trepidation. anyway, if you have been missing out the benefit of a ceiling fan because this fear, then help is here. meet Exhale Fan, the world’s first truly bladeless ceiling fan that uses the science of laminar flow, occurring between an array of flat disks, to coax the air to move throughout your room. unlike the traditional bladed counterpart, laminar movement is smooth, uninterrupted, creates no noise at all and not to mention, greatly reduces the risk decapitation (accidental or not) if that’s part of your concern. this is pretty amazing stuff, really. constructed from precision injection molded plastic, the Exhale Fans is capable of pushing out 3,186 cubic feet per minute (of air flow) when on high speed and have a choice of six speed, selectable via a wireless remote. according to its maker, it is good for room size up to 20′ x 20′ (6m x 6m or about 36 sq.m) which should be sufficient for average dwellers’ living room. measuring 86 cm (34 inches) in diameter and 18 cm (7.25 inches) tall, the Exhale Fan looks more like a ventilation contraption than a fan but it is nevertheless futuristic and shouldn’t be anymore obtrusive than a regular ceiling fan. in fact, we think it is a refreshing concept for an appliance that hasn’t really change for last hundred years. perfect appliance for style-conscious beings and (real or aspiring) scientists alike. though it is not cheap to lay your hands on one. expect to shell out $250 or more for one (on INDIE GOGO) with expected delivery date to be first quarter of 2013 and that’s provided that the funding meets its goal of $35,000. check out an informative pledge video after the break.

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