Ceiling fan is not the exactly the prettiest sigh, but it is an efficient way to cool down a space. I guess you could say it is a necessary evil. But what if, just what if you really, really loathe the sight of multiple blades dangling up top? Like, you get into fits when you see one? Well, there are a few fun solutions. You can choose to go with the wallet-wrecking air-conditioning system, or you could pick a less fan-like ceiling fan such as this, this and this, or you could consider this: Kichler Terna LED Pendant Fan. Wait, what? That thing there is a ceiling fan? Yes, it is.

Kichler Terna LED Pendant Fan

Kichler Terna LED Pendant Fan is unlike any fan you have seen, ever. Kichler Terna LED Pendant Fan has vanes along the sides that serve to get the air moving like traditional blades, but without threatening to overtake your ceiling. More importantly, it can serve to cool a space where traditional fan will not fit, or for spaces where even the smallest ceiling fan at the lowest setting will be too much. It measures mere 15 inches in diameter, btw.

Kichler Terna LED Pendant Fan

The beauty of the Kichler Terna LED Pendant Fan is, it like a regular pendant lamp with decorative vanes on its circumference instead of an attraction-getting fan. Obviously, those vanes are not going to whip out a storm; the 3-speed Cooltouch cooling, however, provides a gentle CFM of 277-1029 (as opposed to 2000-6000 of regular fans). You can find Kichler Terna LED Pendant Fan on Amazon in a choice of brushed nickel, oil-brushed bronze, and white, going for $335.20 and up.

Images: Kichler.

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