Literally no one picnic in The Mandalorian’s universe, but as a fan, you can picnic with a little bit of The Mandalorian spirit with the new Igloo The Mandalorian Cooler Collection.

Igloo The Mandalorian Cooler Collection

The collection joins the existing Igloo Coolers‘ line of Star Wars-themed Playmate coolers. No surprise here what, or who are, featured on this super cool Playmate coolers. They are the namesake himself, The Mandalorian and the Child aka “Baby Yoda” (who isn’t really the young Yoda).

The lovely illustration of the protagonist is presented in comic print style while The Child is bears a more “kiddish” cartoon look. Personally, I am all for the former because, I feel it gave it a more comic book vibe which I dig more.

Igloo The Mandalorian Cooler Collection

You can pick up the new Star Wars The Mandalorian Comic Playmate Pal 7 Qt Cooler and the Star Wars The Child Attacks Playmate Pal 7 Qt Cooler from for US$39.99 each.

You can also find the rest of the Star Wars collection HERE.

Igloo The Mandalorian Cooler Collection

Images: Igloo Coolers.

Source: License Global.

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