if you love cocktail, then you would have know or at least heard about the Moscow Mule, a buck or mule cocktail derived from a concoction of vodka, ginger beer, and lime, served in copper mug signature to this drink. not surprisingly, the original Moscow Mule was invented in the U.S. east coast in the 40s by a dude who owned a restaurant and, you guessed it, ginger beer company (known as Cock n’ Bull, if you really want to know) and the same dude happened to have a girlfriend who owned a copper product company, and hence, this ginger beer-based cocktail concoction and hence, it was conveniently served in, what else? copper mug. if you love to have a sip or two or many of this cocktail, you can either head down to your local bar and hope the young mixologist knows how to shake up a good mug (and serve in authentic copper mugs), or you could score yourself this specially prepared Moscow Mule Cocktail Set from Broquet and make a mug or two in the comfort of your cosy pad.

the setup includes Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup that boasts a liquefied, freshly grated ginger taste, a 17 oz. Fox Run cocktail shaker made of stainless steel, a 1 and 2 oz. jigger and finally, a pair of solid copper mugs of, well, 100% copper, so you can enjoy your Moscow Mule like it should. each set also comes standard with a Moscow Mule recipe card for you to concoct up the mule with a Broquet’s twist. speaking of which, if you are in for the authentic taste, then this is probably not your mug of cocktail, but when it comes to cocktail enjoyment, there is always a place for adventure. why else do you think we mix and shake up drinks? the Moscow Mule Cocktail Set by Broquet can be yours for $89 per set.

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