SCOTTeVEST Now Keeps Your Identity Safe From High-tech Skimmers

with technology advancements, come a new set of problem: high-tech skimmers, but lucky for us, the light side also have its way of countering these electronic criminal minds. by using RFID-blocking materials, you can keep skimmers at bay, however, you can’t be slipping on RFID-blocking sleeves on each and every gadgets you have. i mean, …

SeV Tropiformer Jacket – The Gadget Jacket

not everyone fancy the idea of carrying a bag, but still there are essential gadgets to bring. that’s where the SeV Tropiformer Jacket will come super handy. specially designed by Scottevest for all style-conscious geeks out there, the SeV is made of super lightweight, soft and breathable material and features

BC Vest – an utility vest with built-in backpack

if you like exploring the wild, running mirror edge’s style, then you wouldn’t want a heavy backpack to bog you down, neither do you want to venture in without the essentials to survive in the wild. for that, the Dakine BC Vest, an utility vest with built-in backpack, offers a solution between a cumbersome backpack and

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