not everyone fancy the idea of carrying a bag, but still there are essential gadgets to bring. that’s where the SeV Tropiformer Jacket will come super handy. specially designed by Scottevest for all style-conscious geeks out there, the SeV is made of super lightweight, soft and breathable material and features a plethora of pockets (22 of them, to be exact) and compartments to stash just about anything you have including a PadPocket for your huge iPad (likely without the case on, though) and a Quick Draw pocket made of clear touch material that let your see, hear and operate a touchscreen device throughout its clear pocket without pulling your hand out of the pocket. a couple of other highlights include a locking pocket to safeguard your valuables from pickpockets, and a patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for your headphone wire and power management. the lathery not only route your headphones cable, but also lets you put a battery pack in one pocket while the device being charged in another.

the jacket is totally water resistance and so, there’s no worrying about sudden downpour as all your gizmos will be safe within their respective confines while you frantically dash for cover. when the weather gets a little hot on some days, you can easily transform the jacket into a more airy vest just by removing its sleeves. awesomely clever, indeed. for days that you won’t be needing this utility apparel, the SeV Tropiformer Jacket can be easily fold into a carrying pouch and clipped on to your traveling backpack, or wherever that’s convenient to you. the SeV Tropiformer Jacket is the gadget jacket which you can actually buy with $149.99. not cheap, but so are the real-deal gadget bags. think about it. see this gadget jacket in action in the embedded video below.

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