Ticke Me Elmo De-furred by Canada Science Technology Museum

A lot of things are cute when we don’t see the things beneath it. Like for example, a girl maybe cute, but sometimes, just sometimes, the character may not. Ok. Maybe that’s a little too judgemental. I apologize if anyone got butthurt over my comment but one thing for sure, Elmo, specifically Tickle Me Elmo – the popular toy launched by Tyco Toys back in 1996, isn’t all that cute if it loses its iconic red fur. How we know? Well, thanks to Canada Science and Technology Museum now we know because CSTM did the unimaginable: stripping the furry red muppet of its fur, recorded the fur-less ‘thing’ in action and posted a video of it on Twitter.

It is suffice to say that what you about to see cannot be unseen, so proceed at your own risk. Without that fluffy coat, Elmo is pretty much a full-fledged monster – a robotic monster, to be exact and it surely worthy as the lead for our proposed muppet movie title: Nightmare On Elmo Street. Forgive us for ruining your childhood, but like CSTM said, it is in the name of science.

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via Mic.